Isn't this fun?
((I really hate to ask for this))



((But I’m in real need of money right now… and I’m not happy to be asking for money online… but it is getting to a point in where I might have to return from Canada if I don’t have enough since I won’t have a place to live…

It doesn’t have to be much, just donate what you can…

Paypal Account:

I’m not happy at all for doing this, but I need to pay a rent to my mother’s sister cause she is such a nice person god damn.))

((Signalboosting for an awesome person in a bind. Maybe you can help, dear followers? Even if you don’t have any spare bucks - A reblog is already wonderful! Thank you for your time))

((That drawing is so CUUUUUUUUTE

I’ll be fine, I never let the hard times pass me over. Thanks for this drawing! It’s uber-cute))



A great and ASStonishing deal!


I will only ship to Equestria

Oh but wait, I could use some tiny asses for my company, we could probably affiliate…

((Why haven’t I payed attention to this blog is a mystery to me, go follow this guy