Isn't this fun?
how old are you?

((I’m 22 and becoming 23 this September 25th!))

FanExpo Canada


I’lll be going to Fanexpo this Saturday! And I’ll be off all day at FanExpo doing whatever. If you want to meet up with me I’ll be wearing a black hat and hopefully a Badge of my character self, I’lll also be handing fliers of one of the grandest comics of all time Dreamkeepers! On the shirt I will wear, I am not entirely sure, maybe I’ll wear my Vinesauce shirt the MLP one or a Dreamkeepers one.

I’d love to meet some of my watchers as well so do say hi!


For people who want more information on what I’ll be doing at Fanexpo Canada so that you may find me!

A small announcement about the future of the blog and also FanExpo!

Anyone going to FanExpo Canada?

If any  of you guys is going to fanexpo canada this year, I’ll be there if you want to meet me!

I’d love to talk to some of my followers.

Stream VOD for those who missed it
for the people that couldn't go to your stream, like myself, how many times did you scream?

((I screamed three times, but I gave six drawing away. I actually see myself going back to the game and finishing it someday.))

Did you emm ""loved"" Five nights at Freddy`s?

((Five nights at freddy’s is a good concept of what horror games should do, it’s not a very big game to say (not counting the richness of the discovered backstory) but its 2.50 for a reason. Its never the less a very good game to watch as well.))

((MOD: i would like a request from you but i'm not gonna sit through a horror game. as i said i'm easily paranoid and scared. i'm not gonna freak myself out for a request. so i'll simply ask if i can have one. if not, that's fine. i tried. theres no harm in asking))

Oh, sorry that you feel afraid. I totally understand. I’d do the request thing but I actually gave 3 extra requests for the people who stayed at the stream.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you a request via ask as of yet, im currently running late in a ton of things.

"I know of these robotic ponies, its best if you just ignore them. Believe me, it’s for the best (I don’t like dealing with machines)

What was your favorite movie that robin Williams was in? Mine was patch Adams!

((Going OOC here. I really liked Mrs Doubtfire.))

((Probably because it showed a father who would do absolutely anything for his children, since my father never did much to me and I’ve got to know this through time, I felt that Mrs Doubtfire grew more to me. I really wished that my father would make some effort to even aid me in any way. I’ll never forget that moment when he said that it didn’t matter what family you belonged to, they all love you the same.))

((These lines are important to me, I’m not sure if it was the script or not, but the way he acted the character it really made me feel as a kid that everything was going to be fine.))

((And it was all I needed))

((RIP Robin WiIliams, Your humor and wise words will always remain in the heart of the world.))