Isn't this fun?
I can’t make it to faraway conventions

I live in Canada and flying to Germany or any far country is really expensive for me at the moment.

Sorry D:

Not going to Trotcon

It turns out that I won’t be able to go to TrotCon this year as I am unable to be a vendor there.

Believe me, I really would love to be able to go but it is very expensive for me to afford such a thing.

I’ll try to be able to make it to other cons.

Are there any other conventions you would like to see me attend?

Breezies are such a frail species, good thing that I can bend everything at will to protect myself.

Hi friends!

I got print samples this morning and it marks one more step for me to start selling at conventions!

I’ll be choosing from the samples, and all the what not.

I have already applied myself for the artist alley at Trotcon 2014, I’m just hoping everything goes fine with that. It is about time I go out and do some stuff! So get excite!

MOD signing out!

And lastly, the two OC reviews for and

Misty Magic: Some of the colors were tweaked to make the color wheel a bit more balanced, most notaceable changes are in the eyes. Also made the stripes follow a purplish solor but not too much.

The idea of a Zebra doing magic tricks is very interesting, maybe a unicorn might’ve inspired her quest to become a magician!

Although I’m not sure if someone so young could travel Equestria alone, but that’s something minor.

Marcola fast: I changed a few colors to make the character not be too bright but still be recongizable by an energetic party personality sort to say. My favourite thing about this character is the mane, they look like soundwaves on their own and I didn’t really notice until I drew it, even if it’s not intentional it’s a good idea to keep that around.

Good OC overall.

Very good characters. I hope you enjoy these.

Grannd prize winner for

Grannd prize winner for

Second place winner for

Second place winner for

"I need a real friend to take care of me…"

((Backgrounds once again by

"You bronies have the worst ideas! Now I got sick again. At least dear Fluttershy is taking good care of me."

((Backgrounds once again by

I feel really sick today ponies… Would anyone mind to take care of me? I need a “small” favor.

I feel really sick today ponies… Would anyone mind to take care of me? I need a “small” favor.